All I Was Searching For Was Me

HI, I'm Mason. Chicago. Started T 10.28.13

Anonymous said:

Your facial hair looks great!


Anonymous said:

hey friend, i suffer from height dysphoria as some transguys do, and was wondering if a) you grew at all on T like some, and b) how you cope with your height if it's an issue for you too. awesome blog, and great to see others in the same boat :)

Yeah I grew a few inches maybe 2 or 3. I don’t really have height dysphoria. I used to but there are a lot of short dudes in the world and it’s okay ya know.


It’s p cool that people think I’m cis when they first meet me. But I also feel like being trans is a huge part of my identity and I want them to know that part of me (my closer friends anyways) v conflicting

Anonymous said:

What's your advice for someone who has almost transitioned before and was depressed and living as male but now is happy and lives now androgynously and has a serious longing to be male every few weeks but likes wearing make up sometimes.

If you’re happy, keep on be’in

Anonymous said:

Does your testosterone levels help with your energy with your illness you have or make it worse?

No it doesn’t really give me any energy when I do my shot.


My testosterone levels are over 1000. Oops. Have to lower my dose. I’ll be 11 months on T in a week whaAaaaTTT